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360 Degree 7th generation laptop

This 7th generation laptop (multi touch-screen Chromebook) allow yourself to stay connect

the world at your fingertips with various free apps and is up to three times faster

connections speed as compared to the earlier generations. The Chromebook OS is

designed for simplicity and efficiency that comes with 11.6” HD widescreen LED-backlit

display, supporting 10 finger touch and it start-up in just a few moments, so you can let,’s

the work done at your own style.

Like other windows laptops, the Chromebooks comes with various shapes, styles, and

sizes and with different price tags but this 7th generation laptop Acer Chromebook is the

best choice if you spend much time in email clients, video streaming services and more.

It ’s just about $289.99.

By using the 360-degree Acer Chromebook, you can effortlessly open the lid by one hand,

thanks to dual-torque technology that has perfect combination and flexibility and also has

an attractive imprint on the top cover using advanced Acer nano-imprint technology that

also assist you to grip the laptop definitely but looks cool too.

This multi-touch screen 7th generation laptop identifies the modes you are in and will

automatically adjust the sound when the content of screen display.

Display: Brings the screen closer in order to enjoy the movies, play games or get your

work done.

Notebook: Take advantage of productivity with the fully handy keyboard.

Tent: The ideal to use in an airplane or even in a kitchen or while in the car where

space is limited.

So, Let’s the work done in your own style by its 360 degrees innovatory technology” (7th generation laptop).


7th generation laptop

7th generation laptop

7th generation laptop