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Blooming Baby Shower Bath

Forget the difficulties of bathing a baby with this flower shaped Blooming Baby Shower Bath. It provides more convenient and adorable way to get your baby fresh and clean and will definitely get entertained your little one with different awesome colors and the smoothness of the flower stuff.

This blooming baby shower bath is a great alternative to other baby bath tubs, as its unique, cozy and cute flower filled with extra soft that allows your one teen to fit at a time to create a fun and convenient baby bath time experience like no other blooming baby tubs can create, so forget those uncomfortable baby bath tubs that don’t cradle your kid during bath time.

The flower designed baby shower bath comes with various colors and it’s easy to handle, safe to use and absolutely hassle free and also easy to wash just squeeze out the water from the flower and then hang the flower using the hang-tag present on the back of it.

Not only this, it can also be a perfect spot to take your baby photos when enjoying their bath time.

Perfectly designed for your baby’s comfy and is fantastic way to shower your babies from ages 0-6 months.

Experience fun and comfortable baby bath time and makes a fun baby shower gift!


Baby Shower Bath

Baby Shower Bath

Baby Shower Bath