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Breathalyzer BAC Calculator Keychain

Bring this BAC Calculator breathalyzer keychain device to know quickly how much alcohol is

soaked into your bloodstream. This blood alcohol tester makes it easy to calculate your blood

alcohol content in a few moments and gives a high level of accuracy you trust displayed on the

bright blue LCD screen.

Perfect for social drinkers who went out to dinner and shared a wine bottle can test you minutely

and make better decisions while drinking.

The ultra-compact design of BAC calculator makes it more convenient to fits in your pocket or

purse and can be easily attaching to your keychain that allows you to estimate your blood alcohol

level while on the go.


The Breathalyzer BAC Calculator core features include:

The one-touch operation- allows you to start testing in seconds.

The Portable keychain design- Its tiny size allows you to conveniently take-anywhere as a


Effective breath capture- The innovative fold-out mouthpiece ensures only your breath goes

into the breathalyzer, while the other airborne gases are kept out.

LED Screen- The BAC results will easy to read as it will show on a bright blue LED screen.



BAC Calculator

BAC Calculator

BAC Calculator

BAC Calculator