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Party Coffee Table Drink Cooler

Turn up your living room into a 21th century party hub by bringing this Coffee Table Drink Cooler. Apart from the ample refrigerated compartment, the coffee table cooler allows you to store your beverages and keep them cool for a day. It comes with built-in LED lights, Bluetooth speaker, charging ports that make your room just like a party central.

The beautiful white color designed coffee table drink cooler comes with built-in LED lights and Bluetooth speakers on each side gives rich sound quality all that controls from the tabletop by touch control capability just right at your fingertips.

It also has charging ports and outlets so you can juice-up your smartphone, tablet minutely so enjoy the holiday with like a party day at your home.


Control the LED lights, Bluetooth Speakers base just at your fingertips.

Charging ports and outlets allows you to juice-up your smartphone, tablet smartly.

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