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Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeder

Give your little a great gift that also make feeding time a little easier on yourself by using this hands-free baby bottle feeder. The hand-free baby bottle feeder system consist a long tube that connects from your baby to the bottle allows your junior to feed the milk while the bottle is stored under the car seat, stroller or even between their legs.

Perfectly preferred for travelling and feeding multiple babies as well in an upright position as to help to prevent your baby from gas build up, ear infection, colic and reflux as well and is recommended for babies aged 3 months or older.

The podee hands-free baby bottle feeder is a reliable and easy feeding way for kids as it helps to control the pace of the feeding and is also helps mother to keep her hands-free while feeding so you could check your phone or write important text or whatsoever you need to do.



Check out the Podee hands-free baby bottle feeder system video below.

Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeder

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