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Paper Thin Portable Solar Charger

The revolutionary ultra thin and lightweight designed Paper Thin Portable Solar Charger keep your electronic devices fully charged while on the go. Its innovative design comes with golden plated solar panels that can fold 3.5”x7.5”x0.4” & 0.3lb so you can place it inside your notebook for conveniently use for outdoor, traveling, camping, adventure or even on daily lives and can also expandable using magnets by attaching more panels itself to be connected together to charge table PC or more devices.

The compact designed allows you to easily mounts to the surface of your backpack and to absorb natural sunlight to juiced up your phone anywhere, anytime on a sunny day.

The Paper thin solar charger comes with advance technology to make it automatically resume powering your devices thanks to “Auto Comparison Technology”.

Now you have an advanced tech paper thin sunlight charger to go camping without ever losing contact with civilization by keeping your smartphone charged using this paper thin solar charger.


solar paper thin charger

Digital LCD Ampere Meter gives you exactly how much current flow from the Solar Paper to your electronic device.

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