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Ultra Emergency Personal Alarm Device

Avoid any unwelcome instance at the outdoors by attaching this ultra emergency personal alarm

device with your Backpack or key-chain by the help of built-in metal hook. It’s portable and

compact design makes it world’s smallest SOS alarm device that allows you to keep it in your

pocket, clip on a backpack or purse while biking, camping, hiking or on the go to get deterrent

from any unwanted instant.

It is very easy to use when you’re in an emergency and you don’t have anything that helps you,

just pull the pin of this personal alarm device and the siren will sound constantly with a loud

noise for about 30 minutes until and unless the pin will go back to the device.

Perfect for crime prevention, rescue signal, animal repellent, personal alarm and for the

unexpected situation because of a serious and often emergency situation requiring immediate

action to avoid any hurdle.

There are more eAlarm are available in the world, but this one is specially planned to provide

perfect protection from any unexpected emergency even while you are commuting on public


Features of  Ultra-Emergency Personal Alarm Device:

It is the 1st America’s emergency alarm permitted on airplanes in carrying on luggage.

It is one of the tiny and portable best personal safety gadgets in the world.

Best crime deterrents. No need to use the weapon like knife etc.

You can reuse your personal alarm over and over until you reach 30 minutes of total alarm use.

It comes with water-resistant and childproof capability.


Personal Alarm Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

Keep yourself and your kids safe because life’s safety is more important than money

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