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Pet Carrier Hoodie

Keep your furry friend comfy and safe by transporting them inside the Pet Carrier Hoodie while

you’re walking around the town so you can enjoy with your pooch or with small pet anywhere.

The comfy, highly durable and fashionable hoodie made up of highest quality material and

comes with a kangaroo-like pouch that keeps your small pooch or kitty safe and warm.

The Roodie pet carrier hoodie consists of normal pocket dimensions 14″(35.56cm) width,

9″ (22.86cm) height and having 4″ (10.16cm) depth so your little pet can easily fit inside it and is

available with blue and gray trim to keep you look stylish as well.

Perfect gift for the pet lover, for friends and families Plus for women whose like to look stylish by

wearing it without having a pooch.

Not only this, the Pet Carrier Hoodie is specially designed to use for multi-purpose either with the

pet or without pet that will create a very stylish look as all the women like to look their best when

wearing it with or with your furry friend.

“Show your love with your pet by keeping them into Pet Carrier Hoodie”


pet carrier

Compatible to keep the tablet, smartphone and other small things like keys without having a purse!


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