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Best Portable Door Lock

Bring this light-weight portable door lock and ensures your bedroom is strongly locked when you

travel. Its portable designed is to be lighter than an iPhone so it can easily slip into your pocket

and to travel with you anywhere to keep your office/ hotel or living door completely secure by its

strong locking capability.

A portable door lock system is ideal for those who are traveling abroad and leave back their

sweet home alone or mostly live alone at night because personal safety is a serious alarm and it

is not unusual to feel most helpless. It is the straightforward approach to securing your bedroom

using this gadget that provides effective inexpensive security and peace-of-mind protection while

traveling, at home, or students living in dorms.

There are several door locks are available in the market with the variety of shapes and styles,

most of them have one piece that fits into the metal plate where the existing lock goes, but when

you placed  this portable door lock it prevents your room door from opening until and unless

anybody physically breaks it down – not the finest of approaches.

Have you worried about the security of your living room when you travel and wants to protect

more than just the entry door to your room, consider a Portable Door Lock.

Some features of Portable Door Lock include:

It’s handy and easy to install/remove and simple to use.

Small size easily fits into your pocket.

Provides piece-of-mind protection while on the go.

Ideal for hotel travel lock.

Stay secure in your room when others might have a key.


Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock