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Portable Solar Charger

No matter if you are on long tour and your cell phone might be dead Just juiced up your phone while you are on long trip & keep yourself connect over the world by bringing this Portable Solar Charger that energize your phone & keep your phone alive.

Its suction cup allows you to hang up your charger on to a window from where the solar energy comes from and to charge your battery even while you’re inside at your home or while in the car. Once the portable solar charger becomes fully charged then you can charge your iOS or Android devices quickly and to stay connected while you’re miles away from the urban.

It comes with different color changing LED lights that simultaneously indicates you about the activity of the charger. Green light indicate about the battery is being charged while the blue one color LED will tells about the current charge of the battery so are always aware about the activity of solar charger. Thanks to LED lights.

Not enough? This portable window solar charger also brings with eight pin connector, 4-in-1 charging cable & more that are convenient for your iOS and Android devices so no matter which devices you have. Stay connect with globe.