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Waerator Instant Wine Aerator

Start enjoying your favorite wine with your friends or at a party with lovers by pouring the perfect glass of wine effortlessly with this Waerator instant wine aerator. Not only wine aerator, it will turns your prized wine bottle into a tap dispenser.

It is easy to use, Simply attach the wine waerator at the top of the wine bottle and then press and hold the top of the device button to instantly pour the wine into a glass until you hold the button.

The Waerator Electric Instant Wine Aerator features dual infusion and suction will allows you to draw wine without sediments and pour precisely from the spout with no mess so you shall no longer waste your prized wine in anyway.

Wine enthusiasts can pair with red wines, white wines and fresh/aged wines to make a favorite flavor as you want and will enjoy the wine with 1 button aeration to aerate and oxidize wine to soften tannins and enrich your favorite wine for better taste. It also comes with airtight rubber seal that keeps your wine fresh for a long. Great gift for Wine lover!


Waerator Instant Wine Aerator

Check out the video below how the Waerator wine aerator and wine dispenser works.


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