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Wine Bottle Glass Attachment

Develop your wine bottle into a jumbo glass and catch your fellow’s sight toward your style

by using this unique wine bottle glass attachment. Just open your favorite wine bottle and

insert this glass by screwing it into the top of your wine bottle and then enjoy drinking each

drop of your prized wine directly from your wine glass.

When you are in get-together party with your old friend’s and wants to drink one more glass

of wine but you’re too lazy to get off the sofa and go pour another glass! The only wine bottle

glass attachment will quench your thirst and make your party endless.

An Ideal gift for dancing clubs, bachelorette parties, bridesmaids and groomsman, and even

a girls night out Bachelor viewing party and for those that like to be the hit of the party as well.

The wine bottle glass is designed to hold up to 480ml of wine and made up from 100% silicone

and borosilicate glass that provides the tight seal so you can tip the bottle up and glug easily with

no mess no splash.

So, If you’re looking to buying a wine glass gift for your sister, friend or for yourself, why not

guys this unique little gadget?

“The only Wine Bottle Glass that turns your bottle of wine into your wine glass”


Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle